Monday, 14 April 2014

I'm a boomerang kid

I am a boomerang kid. The generation of young adults, especially those in London who leave home and return just when our parents thought we were gone forever and the plans to change our bedroom into a gym could be implemented. 

In the past few months my father has had my brother back home for a short stint over christmas and just as soon as he got rid of him, I returned! Obviously my move back home was due to the limitations of international moving. But there are many theories behind the increase of young adults, especially in London wanting or needing to return to their parents home. 

The economic crisis which resulted in a lack of jobs, low incomes and particularly in London, super high housing costs and travel expenses is one. But living alone, making your own rules and carving out your own routine as an adult, not to mention the responsibilities of having your own apartment, all take a while to shrug off. As someone who has lived alone for the last three years, it is a little strange to move back to your parents and give up certain things including the dog and after a week, I think I have adjusted to my new surroundings. Because at the end of the day needs must. 

You have to be grateful for having parents who let you come and go no questions asked. 


  1. I hate how essential it is to be a boomerang kid for our generation. We've done it twice already as a married couple, which is frustrating. At the same time, I am so grateful for supportive parents who took us back in without a second thought.

    1. i think that it's all part and parcel of being a parent. No matter how old your kids are, if they need to come home they will. I am pretty sure we will be doing it a lot, since especially as an expat and coming from London, accommodation is always difficult to find and way to pricey.


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