Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Coccinelle Mustard Satchel

My totally unexpected and much loved leaving present, was this gorgeous mustard yellow, Coccinelle satchel. And it was love at first sight. I honestly didn't expect a gift, but I was very excited unwrapping this beauty from my lovely work colleagues. 

I had been on the hunt for a while, for the perfect bag to transition between Cyprus, London and future destinations, which would be big enough to hold all the essentials, small enough to not annoy me, functional and fashionable. I had looked at loads of satchel bags but one never really spoke to me. They were nice sure, but not wow and picking a colour was a whole other issue. 

So the lovely girls that picked on eliminated all my stress about satchels in go. This is never a colour I would have picked and not because I don't love it. On the contrary, I love it! But I would never have been brave enough to purchase such a bold bag. Funnily enough, it adds the much needed pop of colour to my usual black outfits. And it is incredibly functional, holding my diary, ipad, purse, phone, oyster card, lip balm, gum, tissues and other random bits of make up I may have thrown in on any given day. 

Plus I love the simple and classy gold details in the buckles and poppers. The perfect understated bag to see you through summer and winter. 

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