Sunday, 20 April 2014

food: butternut squash risotto

I have a new food crush; risotto. The first week I was back in London, my friend made me an amazing butternut squash and sage risotto and ever since I have been hooked. So much so that I have made it twice in the past two weeks. I always thought risotto was one of those tricky, time consuming dishes that under my hands, would turn into a glue like mushy mess. But it turns out it isn't so hard.

I was too busy chatting away to pay attention to the specific ingredients or the process my friend followed, but found this little recipe on BBC Good Food website, which has been tested twice now and has worked perfectly each time. I like this recipe because it is very simple, there are a handful of ingredients, several of which (olive oil, vegetable stock, butter, white wine, cheese, onion...) you will probably already have in your fridge or cupboards. 

The whole cooking procedure for this risotto is pain free; 
  1. Roast the butternut squash with garlic and sage
  2. In the meantime, fry onions and garlic
  3. Add the risotto rice, add the wine and cook down until its absorbed
  4. Then start adding the stock
  5. Mash half of the roasted butternut squash and stir it into the risotto once done. 
  6. Add the cheese (by the way, I used cheddar because I didn't have parmesan but it worked perfectly) add the chunks of roasted squash. 

Et voila; butternut squash and sage risotto. 

What I have realised quite quickly about risotto is the versatility of it. I mean you can make a base risotto and then throw in whatever you have left over in the fridge and you have a comforting and warming meal ready in no time. Try it with mushrooms, peas, green beans and mint, bacon and sweet potatoes...the possibilities are endless. 

And the great thing about risotto is that there will always be some leftover because the rice puffs up a lot and I can never judge proper quantities. That means last nights risotto will see us through the easter weekend long after the roast dinner has been devoured. 


  1. I absolutely love risotto. I went out to eat the other night and had a fabulous parmesan and mushroom risotto. It was heaven.

    1. Oh I love mushroom risotto too. I should have put parmesan in this one but didn't have any so just chucked a whole load of cheddar in instead :)


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