Tuesday, 29 April 2014

beauty: Witch Hazel BB Cream

Since I returned to London my skin has been playing up big time. I am not sure whether it the was plane air, the change in environment and water, change in diet or pollution, or all of the above, but my skin is not happy at the moment. I have blemishes, spots, patches of dry skin and an oily combination complexion, all of which are putting me through my paces. 

As such I decided a lighter base was needed to ensure my skin had some room to breathe without sacrificing coverage; I am not a fan of the bare face look on myself! So when I stumbled across the new Witch Hazel BB cream on offer in Sainsburys for a mere £2, I thought it was worth giving it a try. 

Witch hazel is a natural ingredient that works wonders for oily and blemish prone skin and has astringent properties which is perfect when you have a random spot outbreak. All of that teamed with UVA and UVB as well as SPF15 made me pretty happy with the little blue tube I took home. 

Overall the product is ok; it has no weird smells, it has good coverage and it's natural ingredients seem to be working wonders for my skin as my blemishes are slowly leaving my face. Another reason I wanted to trial this product is because I am looking for a base to take to Dubai with me that can cope in the heat, humidity and dusty climate. But unfortunately it wont be coming with me; the shade is too light and will not blend well once I am tanned and the consistency is a little thicker than I would want. 

However, for £2 and considering the fact that it has great natural ingredients to help fight oily skin problems, this is worth a try if it matches your skin tone. 

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