Thursday, 10 April 2014

Beauty: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

This post was actually written on board my British Airways flight back to London on Friday night and I figured what better place to write about this little miracle cream that got me through the 5 hours of dry skin and tears all the way back to London. 

Enough about that though. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant is one of those cult products that if you don't own, you want too and if you do own, preach about to anyone who will listen. It has long been on my radar but whenever I have been back in The UK never remembered to pick up. Finally a few weeks ago a wonderful lady gifted me with this little tester tube and my world has drastically improved since. Obviously when I say world I mean skin but I guess the two go hand in hand. 

I suffer from chapped lips no matter whether I'm in the Cyprus sunshine or the English wind, dry hands and more recently, some problematic excema type skin on my body. Anyone with skin problems will know how annoying they can be and while I have only tried this out on my lips and cuticles (which by the way seem to be determined to drive me crazy) I am like millions of other women very pleased with this little tube and it's contents.

It has a super thick texture, almost gloopy, which I will admit takes some getting used to. However it is this texture that packs the punch when it comes to moisturizing. You would expect such a gloopy, almost gel like cream to have a greasy residue but it doesn't and this is a big gold star in my book. My biggest beauty no no is the greasy residue after hand creams; because it makes it impossible to do anything and no one likes greasy finger prints all over their touch screen items. 

My lips are not as dry and my cuticles are not cracking as much after a week of using this every night at bedtime. I also noticed, after a few tearful days, that slapping a little bit on your eyelids and eyelashes works wonders. I love this little tube as it is perfect to carry around in my hand bag for on the go dry skin emergencies, but I will definitely be investing in the full size version to keep by my bed. 

Any recommendations for similar beauty saviors especially those for dry skin would be welcomed! 

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