Saturday, 12 April 2014

Separation Anxiety

I have spent pretty much everyday of the past year with this sweet eyed, spotty bellied pooch and to say I miss her is an understatement. I never really knew the impact a dog can have on your life until we got one and they really change the whole dynamic of your life. I say that because not only does your daily schedule have to change to accomodate walkies, feeding and play time, but your priorities have to change also. Long days at work were less of a struggle knowing I had her to go home to and taking her for a big walk was much higher on my priority list than going out or shopping etc. 

Dogs have emotions and characters and I witnessed that more than ever in the last year. There were moments when I struggled being alone and she picked up on those times and did everything she could to pull me out of my black hole. They know when your happy and they know when your sad and they know when they need to show you love. 

Waking up every morning for the past week without her jumping on the bed, excited because walkies are imminent has been very strange. Not having the pitter patter of tiny dog paws following me around is also something that I found hard to remove from my brain. It is fair to say I have a small case of separation anxiety; I worry about her even though I have no cause to and I miss her more as every day passes. And I wonder if she misses me, or if she is too busy exploring her new country to care. 

We will be reunited soon and that day cannot come soon enough. 


  1. No wonder dogs are said to be miracles with paws :)

    1. I know I seriously believe the dog can cure anything. I miss her so much.


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