Thursday, 6 March 2014

the health bowl

I read food blogs. Shocking I know. I like writing and I like food so it just makes sense really. I wrote here about my favourite food blogs to frequent and lately I started to notice a little food trend (and thanks to pinterest) on the horizon. 

Health bowls. What the hell is a health bowl. Well I know a bowl is like a plate but has rounded up edges and health is usually synonymous with boring food, tasteless food. In the case of the health bowl though, only one of those applies and thank goodness it's the bit about the bowl. 

From what I have observed a health bowl it's a bowl (yes we established that now I will get to the point) which is a well balanced meal, with wholesome, healthy food to satisfy your stomach and give you the much needed fuel food is supposed to. And the best bit; the ones I stumbled across look so yummy I dont think the word health should be attached to any of them. 

The Winter Abundance Bowl from My New Roots is something I actually tried. Well not fully because as you know I never entirely stick to a recipe. I did everything except the lentils. And my dressing was more a mustard, honey lemon kinda thing. But it was seriously yummy and have the balance of the veggies and brown rice was really filling.

the winter abundance bowl (not my version)

The Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowl looks and sounds super yummy, with lime quinoa, salad, avocado and chicken.

the honey chipotle chicken bowl (not my version)
In true fashion, I knocked this one up one evening with my own little twists. The recipe over on How Sweet Eats calls for a variety of mustards and this is the flavour I ramped up. I made my chicken with lemon, mustard, honey, pepper salt and a little olive oil. I paired it with oregano and lemon cous cous cause I didn't have quinoa (boy that stuff is pricey in Cyprus) and made a salad of lettuce, coriander, rocket, tomato and avocado. It was delicious and I felt satisfied. A bit of big deal for me since I could eat and eat and oh eat.

Next on my to try list will be the Chicken Health Bowl from Real Simple which FYI is my new favourite website; it has food, home, fashion and beauty and other super useful bits thrown into the mix.

the chicken bowl

Anyway, this bowl is crammed with shredded chicken, farro, lemony carrots, marinated mushrooms, romaine, snap peas, avocado, Feta, walnuts all covered in a mustard vinaigrette. Sounds like my kinda lunch. Anything with chicken and avocado gets a thumbs up from me.

Any other health bowl ideas please throw them my way; an easy lunch is a must in my world.


  1. Oh wow these look SUPER yummy!

    1. I know, how is it possible that something that healthy looks so delicious!


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