Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kate Sheridan accessories make my heart beat

Recently I feel like I am lacking in the accessories department. Whether its necklaces, rings or bags, I feel like I don't have the right finishing touches for every outfit. Well if money was no object I would have a whole wardrobe just for those pieces. But as a roaming expat currently packing up my life into two suitcases, I guess I should be glad that my wardrobe is a little more capsule. But browsing doesn't hurt does it. 

Kate Sheridan is an accessories designer with very British roots. She uses traditional print methods and British fabrics and has collaborated with Urban Outfitters, Topshop and the V&A Museum to name but a few. 

Prints crop up a lot in her designs and I fell in love with her stuff when I saw her at London Fashion Weekend, last year mainly because she also uses a dark colour palette. Well grey black and navy are my favourite colours. 

Digi Tri Blue Leather Zip-Top Tote

Grey & Plum Brolly Bag

Leather Navy Popper Rucksack
Aqua Blue Monkey Make Up Case
Disrupted Print Orange Ipad Case
Geometric Print Canvas Clip Purse


  1. I love the print of that first bag, it would provide the perfect contrast to a nice winter coat :) I've resigned to the reality that the perfect wardrobe is a work in progress and where would the fun be if we had everything? :)

    1. I love the first one too. Set against black skinny jeans, some nice shoe boots and a charcoal grey trench and a black beanie hat. I totally agree with you about the work in progress. As I get older (nearly reached the 26 mark hahaha) I realise I want more key basics and quality items rather than quantity.

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