Sunday, 30 March 2014

sunday sound #14


  1. Hi Mimi, recently came across your lovely little blog whilst trying to find forums about living in cyprus and I have to say reading all your posts have definitely eased my pre-moving anxiety! Myself and my boyfriend are moving to limassol in a week and neither of us have any work secured yet.. were moving from the UK (brighton) in search of sunshine and a more relaxed life! although people have been telling us its a risky move and what are we doing. your blog/instagram and twitter have proven that it is possible to have a nice life abroad so THANK YOU! so much! its actually a shame you are leaving as we have a lot in common funnily enough. any tips on how to meet people and make friends would be much appreciated! my mum lives over there right now but we dont know anyone else. Laura :)

    1. oh nooooo as one leaves another expat comes. It is always the way with expat life that you could have had many more friends if only their adventure had begun earlier or later :)
      Well read the posts in my Cyprus and Expat life tab for sure. There are many cons to living in Cyprus but there are many pros too. It does take some getting used to because the mentality and culture are very different, but your living in LImassol so already it will be different to my experience. Limassol is much more european than Nicosia. IN terms of work you may struggle a little because of the recession but you have many more opportunities in Limassol. It also depends what sort of lifestyle you want.

      Laura, pretty much all my friends told me i was crazy to move to cyprus, and that we shouldnt do it. And although i did struggle at times and homesickness was an issue, the experience outweighed it. Plus i made amazing friends, can say i have living in a foreign country, can cook different cuisine, experienced a different culture and learnt a new language (sort of). It has made me realise that while england will also be home, i can make my home in another country and it's ok. in fact its more than ok. Going to the beach every weekend is definitely a perk. send me an email on facebook if you want to chat about the move a bit more. you must be there by now so i hope your settling in well!xxx


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