Monday, 27 January 2014

living vicariously through food blogs

Anyone who knows me, or for that matter, reads this blog, will be fully aware that I not only like, but downright LOVE food. If I was better at photography and better at cooking for that matter I would have loved to have been a full time food blogger, pottering away in my perfectly designed kitchen. Alas the real world comes knocking. But thanks to my favourite food bloggers, I can live vicariously through them.

My New Roots is one of those food blogs that makes me want to put down the Malteasers (ok, only for like one minute) and head straight for the fruit and veggie section. Author Sarah blogs because she loves it.  And they certainly comes across in her posts and photographs of amazing creations she concocts in her kitchen. 

Although she is a certified Holistic Nutritionist,  My New Roots is an unbiased, non-threatening space which deconstructs healthy food and makes healthy living look incredibly luxurious. My favourites include the winter abundance bowlcaramelized fennel and goats cheese flatbread and the wild rice, butter bean and garlic roasted carrot salad. She really is a genius with food. 

the winter abundance bowl

caramelized fennel and goats cheese flatbread
Souvlaki for the Soul is one of those blogs I stumbled across while searching for easy to follow recipes for Greek food. Since moving to Cyprus my cooking has been influenced a lot by the produce and local flavours of the Mediterranean and while I love Cypriot food, sometimes the recipes are too complicated to even contemplate attempting. 

Written by Peter, a photographer who blogs about food and travel and his Greek heritage, the blog is full of accessible recipes for authentic Greek foods. Perfect for an uneducated English cook who needs a little help. Recipes definitely worth trying: fasolakia (Greek style green beans), kolokithokeftedes (baked courgette fritters) and biftekia (Greek style burgers). 

And for my sweet tooth, I am always glued to Ambitious Kitchen, the beautiful home of Monique, who's passion for cooking and baking literally jumps off her blog. All her creations have a wonderfully healthy twist and she features lots of good-for-you food as well as vegan and gluten free stuff. She seriously adds some glamour to cooking and her baked goods look incredible. What I would give to spend a day in her kitchen. 

banana chocolate chip quinoa flour waffles

fudgy peanut butter chocolate chip brownies
It is probably a good thing that I am useless at baking otherwise I would spend all weekend in the kitchen and have a stupidly high cholesterol and blood sugar. 

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