Tuesday, 18 March 2014

budget beauty: bioten

My budget for beauty items varies according to numerous factors, such as if I want to splash out and buy more cheese that week (because I like cheese and in Cyprus it ain't cheap) or if I am saving for flights, presents etc....

As such I don't opt for high end products and favour instead high street; I think the most expensive make up item I have is my Benefit Badgal Mascara. Anyway, I am going off track as usual. The whole point is I have a new moisturiser and I think it's going to be skin saviour.

Bioten Skin Moisture 24hr moisturising cream is 100% natural and packed with quince which has a whole host of moisturising and hydrating properties. Bioten is a brand I don't know much about, but they use lots of natural ingredients and simple formulas. And this little pot of yummy smelling cream was less than €6. And with my current international moving expat budget being squeezed, this price point ticks all my boxes.

I have only used it a couple of times since I purchased it a few days ago, but I already noticed it's super light texture slides easily over my skin and there is no lingering greasy feel that some creams leave across my already oily face.

And that is a major plus point in my book. Any suggestions for moisturiser great for oily skin, send them my way. With summer approaching I need all the help I can get. 

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