Monday, 10 March 2014

Fashion: Olivia Burton London

I never placed that much importance on watches. Or jewellery for that matter. But as I get older and I continue my pursuit of finding "my style" i'm drawn more and more to pretty gold things. And that's where Olivia Burton London comes into the equation.

Currently I am lusting after a Olivia Burton London watch. My problem is I am not sure which one I want more because the whole collection is wearable and gorgeous. Not to mention feminine and stylish. 

Olivia Burton Watch
Midi Dial Mink and Rose Gold
Olivia Burton Watch
Wonderland Dusty Pink + Gold
Olivia Burton Watch
Midi Dial Bracelet - Rose Gold

Lesa Bennet and Jemma Fennings are the design team behind the brand which was started when they couldn't find a watch that fulfilled their need for style. They met at the London College of Fashion and both have a great industry background which leaves me in no doubt that they have the style credentials to make beautiful collections. 

Their collection, for me has a very British feel to it; I am not sure whether its the classical elements, the timeless feel of their designs, the colour palettes, or the cute, eclectic design motifs, but their watches wouldn't look out of place peeping from the arm of a Burberry trench coat. 

Animal Motif Mint Hummingbird

Woodland Butterfly Bracelet 

Flower Show Tan

Their watches have a high end design look, with a very affordable price tag, which makes me inclined to purchase two. Still can't narrow it down. 

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