Wednesday, 5 March 2014

a little facelift

Do you get as restless with your blog design as I do? 

The more blogs I follow, fonts I find and designs I see, the more confused I get about the direction I want the aesthetics to go in. I love all things art, graphics, photography and design so I positively enjoy spending hours scrolling through webpages and pinterest for ideas. But that means my mind is a bit of a melting pot of ideas. 

Should I go more sleek and minimal. Or focus on the expat life and culture thing. And then there is lots of super cute designs with spots, banners and stripes but would they fit with my blog? I just don't know. 

For now, I decided that with a change in focus, environment and transient nature of my life, my blog needed something a little more sleek and compatible with my changing life. Im sure I will get restless with this new look soon and want to make tweaks and changes here and there. The beauty of this template, other than the fact it was super cheap, is that offer various designer services too so you can add all the elements your heart desires, at very reasonable prices.

As such there will probably be some more changes popping up here and there over the coming days as there lovely designers give my blog a little va va voom.

Please bear with me. 

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