Tuesday, 26 November 2013

you cant separate and English girl from her tea!

For a time, the coffee loving land of Cyprus took me to the dark side. The dark side being one filled with filter coffee, iced coffee and Cypriot coffee (although that is something I will never get on board with). 

But I am back. My day starts with a PG Tips and ends with a Green and Peppermint Tea (a great sleep aid by the way). But sometimes you need something more fancy and when I say fancy I mean a loose tea and infuser or a tea pot. There is something about a tea pot that instantly screams proper English tea time. When I was little and my mum would make tea, it was always in a tea pot, whether it was for herself or the whole family, the teapot was a constant feature in our kitchen. 

It's probably good I dont live in England right now, because otherwise I would spend a small fortune on beauty products and teas. But thanks to my Lebanese friend, I have a new tea place to check out next time i'm in London.

Yumchaa has a gorgeous website, beautiful packaging and a tasty tea selection. The midnight grey was super fragrant, fresh and tasty. On my list of teas to purchase next time i'm in London, Soho Spice, which sounds like a feistier version of a chai tea and Wanderlust which sounds perfect for more wintery days, with its apple, almond and cinnamon flavours. 

You can order online here but I am not sure where they ship to, fingers crossed for international shipping!


  1. I work right next to an upscale tea place which gives free samples daily and that's how I get my tea fix since moving to America from England, good job too because it's $60 a bag for this stuff but it's so good!

    1. Oh free tea is always great right. Especially as an english person in a foreign country. Its a little taste of home. :)

  2. Hum sounds like I need to check out this tea place. The wanderlust one has me curious.


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