Friday, 1 November 2013

The story behind my sheets

Bed Sheets//Ikea, Red Spotted Cushion//Handmade by my talented Aunt

Our bed is probably my favourite part of our apartment. Sure I like the eclectic mix of colourful cushions, black and white photographs and graphic prints that adorn the small open plan living space the boy and I chose for our home away from home. But the bed was the first and most essential item we bought upon arrival in Cyprus. 

I had never had a double bed. Growing up in London was done in a compact apartment and being the youngest I got the smallest room. The sort of "box" room that accommodates a single bed, a wardrobe and not much else. So when it came to picking a bed for our new apartment I was like a kid in a sweet shop. And with the bed comes a whole sheet, pillow, blanket dilemma. I think we must have spent at least 4 hours in Ikea that first time, most of which was in the sheet department, trying to compromise on appropriate bedding. 

Being a girl, I wanted flowery, patterned or bright colourful sheets. Understandably the boy refused to sleep under any "girly pink sheets" and so a compromise had to be found. But my desire for girly bed sheets never faded and my eyes were fixed on the gorgeous grey floral sheets, every time we went to Ikea. 

But patience is a virtue and with the boy working abroad, my time for a girly bed has come. Et voila. The sheets I longed after are now a part of our home. 

Moving in with a boy is like two worlds colliding; trainers will litter the hallway, dirt socks will be found in many places other than the laundry basket, the walls cannot be pink and white is no longer an option. 

And I learnt flowery bed sheets are a big no no. But wait until their back is turned and hen you can throw on whatever girly sheets you like because chances are they will be too bored to change them!


  1. haha, I deal with the dirty socks every where. I really don't understand their need to have a million pairs in many random places.

    1. haha, thats the only good thing about long distance relationships. No dirty socks!


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