Thursday, 21 November 2013

a little bit about customs (no not the ones at the airport)

I can always find an excuse to post pictures of food! These are traditional Cypriot treats prepared at Christmas

Hands up you expats who got a bit of a kick in the face when it came to understanding the customs in your new country? 

Every day I live in Cyprus, I become more accustomed to the customs! Differences between cultures which were glaring at me everyday have faded into the background and now I have the hang of the basics, customs and traditions here in Cyprus aren't that scary. 

When I first arrived it was a whole different story. Sure I was coming from London, a highly eclectic city with so many nationalities all thrown together in one melting pot. But being brought up in London somewhat desensitizes you to these things, and I never saw them as any but normal. The excitement of being in a new country and the abundance of sunshine kinda clouded my judgement. But the excitement was also thrown together with fear as I struggled to get to grips with this new culture and all the associated customs. But I got there in the end. 

If you want to read more about Cyprus customs (and yes you do because they are interesting), then check out my article for, a global community bringing expats together. 

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