Tuesday, 5 November 2013

emma case photography [revisited]

I follow the blogs of some wonderful artists, designers and photographers, but this girl is a cut above the rest. I wrote a bit about Emma Case before [here] but this time I want to dig a little deeper. Based in the north of England, Emma Case Photography is actually a wonderful double act; Emma and her husband Pete. I think the about page of their website gives you such a great insight into their personality and style. 

"My name is Emma Case and I am an alternative wedding photographer.
I specialise in shooting couples who want to do things a bit differently.
I have a Husband called Pete and a cat called Maximo.

I love boiled eggs and wearing head bands. I'm fluent in British Sign Language. We live very close to Cadbury World and I'm obsessed with charity shops and car boots. I love Rilo Kiley. I have a thing for the colour mustard. I prefer vinyl. I had the BEST wedding day ever." 

They focus on engagement and wedding photography with a twist. None of those perfectly glossy and poised images that look like they came straight from the pages of Vanity Fair. But that doesn't mean their images aren't perfect and beautiful. 

They have a great depth to their images, use soft colours and their images sometimes have this great grainy look to them which I love. Black and white also makes a regular appearance which instantly puts them at the top of my favourites list since it's the medium I love the most. And they have a knack for making itsy bitsy details look fantastic in close-up shots. 

If and when a wedding day comes for me.....I want them to photograph it. 

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