Thursday, 28 November 2013

where's christmas?

I think I found it. In Marks and Spencer's in the home section. Outside there was sunshine, inside there was christmas cards and christmas cake. You can see why I am a bit confused. 

After three years in Cyprus, I have lost a lot of the excitement I used to have for christmas. Mainly because it's not cold enough, there's not enough twinkly little christmas lights and I am not bombarded with christmas adverts every time I turn on the TV. You know what's funny, I always complained about freezing my toes off at the bus stop and getting rained on during winter months in London. Ok so I will pass on the rain, but I would kill for one of those super cold, crisp, sunny winter days that make you love winter in London. 

Anyway, what I have realised (thanks to the boyfriends mum) is that a little effort goes a long way so I am throwing myself into the christmas spirit starting with cards. I know it is still November, but the Cyprus postal system means that if I want anyone to get their cards before 7th January, I need to post them now! I also have plans to get the christmas tree up at the weekend because nothing makes you feel like christmas is coming than christmas lights and red glittery baubles. And a traditional English roast dinner is being planned for when the boyfriend arrives, because nothing says christmas like roast chicken, stuffing and yorkshire puddings, smothered in gravy!  

Now if we could just arrange for some snow and it would really feel like christmas. 


  1. Oh christmas cards! lol
    I love keeping up with your blog! I thought I was following you on twitter, but I was so wrong! I am following now though!!


    1. Hi christina! I Love Christmas cards. Oh thanks for following.
      I am kinda lazy sometimes with my twitter. I will try do better :P xx

  2. I feel exactly the same here in Phoenix, I miss the frosty mornings on the way to school where my breath would condense in front of my face and my shoes would crunch with every footstep *sigh*. That one perfect frosty morning when the sun is shining so brightly and even though it's cold and crisp somehow it brings warmth is the one single thing I miss the most about the UK.

    It's just not right to be able to wear a T-Shirt in Winter.

    xoxo love this post

    1. Oh Nicole, I feel like your reading a page from my childhood. Thats how I remember school mornings. My mum shoving a hat and scarf on me before running out the door and being hit with this wall of frosty air that made it feel like you were wearing no clothes! Hahaha.
      Finally Cyprus is getting colder. Today was a sweat pants and hoodie sunday which I havent had since april!
      Hows the weather in phoenix treating you? xx

    2. Aww! I miss those moments so much. Weather had a cold snap for a few days but now it's back to being 72 degrees and perfectly Sunny. When people say it's December I can hardly believe them!

  3. Isn't that the truth?! Last year, we drove up into the Troodos on Christmas day and found snow waiting for us. It was perfect! For the first time, it really felt like Christmas had come to Cyprus!


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