Friday, 8 November 2013

who is addicted to their smartphone?

Last week I wrote this post about how social we have become and how dependent we are on technology and social media, everyday. It is true social media has changed the way we live and technology has allowed people to connect worldwide and business to develop their brand online at the click of a button. There are many positives to social media, but don't you think we are too involved in technology?

I am not preaching because I am one of the worst culprits; my phone is on my desk all day at wok and by my bed at night. I dont remember the last time I actually switched off my phone and as soon as I get home from work, my laptop is on. 

You have probably seen this video already. And while I laughed all the way through, this stuff is real. Now I must say while I am glued to my phone and laptop in terms of proximity, I am not glued to my phone in the presence of friends or family. I think that is actually one of my biggest pet peeves; sure I love taking photographs, actually I will take photographs of everything, but when its coffee, drinks with the girls or dinner with the granny, the phone does not need to be in my hand permanently. The feeling of talking to someone who is glued to their phone and obviously is not listening is so disheartening. 

And then I found this great article, which makes some interesting points about why we are so into our smartphone and offers up a few ways to beat the social media, technology addiction of our generation. 

So, put down the smartphone and step away slowly. Until it buzzes and then come running back!


  1. I actually do not have a smart phone. Which is crazy as a blogger, I know. But I have purposely NOT gotten one because I do not want to be connected all the time... and I know me. I like connectivity, but I live person to person connectivity the best, and I try to protect that. Hence the 'dumb phone' ;)

    1. WOW Tiffany you are a braver women than I am! I cannot live without my phone now. Which is kind of a shame because it wasnt always that way. I think I need a technology detox :)


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