Saturday, 23 November 2013

i'm a food kinda girl

If you ever need a companion for brunch, lunch or dinner, i'm your girl. I have absolutely no problem with consuming vast amounts of food, all in the name of friendship. That being said, my eating routine kinda goes out the window as soon as Saturday arrives. 

The routine of the working day interchanges with my daily eating routine, but at the weekend, with no routine, I either find myself not eating enough, or snacking too much simply because i'm within easy reach of my kitchen cupboards. So in a conscious effort to have better eating Saturday, I decided a proper lunch was a must. 

And some of my favourite flavours make a nice, comforting lunch; hot Greek pitta bread, avocado, rocket, onion and roasted chicken. Well it's not Saturday without a carb overload right. 

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