Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hair Healers; Pantene Pro V

In london I always had a dry, frizzy and unmanageable mane that I was never really happy with. Probably the cold, the wind, the rain, the pollution and the central heating had something to do with it. Three years later and my hair is smoother, shinier and a lot more manageable.

I think the sunshine has healed my hair so to speak. But a little Pantene duo has helped too. I realised pretty early on in my new climate that the sun can help and hinder all at the same time and the benefits of a regular hair care routine were far reaching. Especially when you put your hair through as much torture as I do, with hair drying, brushing and straightening, daily. 

The Pantene Pro V Heat Defense Gloss Spray is la fantastic heat protector. I spray a little bit on wet hair, before blow drying and it keeps my hair strong and shiny like no other. It is especially great for thick, fluffy hair like mine which can have a mind of it's own during the blow drying procedure. 

The 24 hour frizz fighter stands up pretty well to the humidity of the Cyprus summers. You can use it on wet hair too, but I found a little spot of this rubbed over dry hair does wonders for keeping those pesky little hairs in check. 

If your not sure which products will best suit your hair (it can be a bit of minefield out there of colour, strength, smooth, shine, length etc etc) then Pantene has a great little hair consultation service online, here, which will help you figure it out and save you some time in the supermarket. 

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