Sunday, 31 March 2013

Eat: Goodburger in Nicosia

When the need for a burger arises there are two routes one can take; the fast food Macdonalds style burger or a luxurious handmade burger with fantastic sides, Limoncello style (as discussed here). So when the boyfriend told me that there is a burger in Nicosia that combines both, well my stomach started doing shivers of excitement! 

Goodburger is that place. A New York burger house that has landed in the centre of Nicosia on Larnakas Avenue and can deliver to your door! They have a mind blowing choice of burgers; approximately 30 different types of beef, pork and chicken burger which mean reading the menu is a small achievement in itself. After much deliberation I narrowed my choice down to three. 

The Las Vegas (beef burger with cheese, caramelised onions and sautéed mushrooms), The Texas (beef burger with bbq sauce, bacon, cheese and onion rings) and The Tennessee (pork burger with bbq and Jack Daniels sauce, cheese and bacon). can you decide. In the end I opted for the Texas and oh my was it a taste bud sensation. Perfectly cooked burger, toasted sesame bun, all the extras crammed in tomato and lettuce, plus potato wedges and pickles on the side.

And for delivery everything comes in a great little box; I particularly appreciate the fact that the burger is left open for you to make as you wish. There is nothing worse than peeling soggy bun off melted cheese and trying to add more sauce etc. These guys have a good thing going on. 

Most burgers average at €8 which includes the wedges/pickles; there is also a great long list of classic and tempting extras like onion rings, cheese sticks and for the healthy people among us, side salads! 

And they cater for the veggies among us with a classic veggie burger, portobello mushroom burger and a fried shrimp burger for the fish people. 

If you want a big juicy burger, with a fast food feel, delivered to your door, give Goodburger a whirl! Visit their facebook page here, for more details. 


  1. Burgers are tricky. They have to be amazing otherwise I feel really let down ;) When I was in Queenstown, New Zealand I had the. best. burger. of my life. It was at a place called Fergburger, and my life was changed! Goodburger sounds just as wonderful! xoxox

    1. Oh I totally get you. Burgers have to have some love thrown into them otherwise its just another macdonalds style mess. Ok If im ever in New Zealand I will hunt this place down! Im a sucker for food! :) xx

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