Monday, 25 March 2013

is it too early to buy a bikini?

The sun has been making it's presence felt more and more over the past few days and temperature feels positively spring like in Cyprus (i'm sorry for any UK based readers who are battling with snow and freezing temperatures). 

And so it's only natural that my mind has been wandering towards swimwear for the a new season. Especially since pinterest seems to have been feeding this idea with conveniently placed pins that scream summer at me. 

It does seem a bit ridiculous to buy a bikini in March. Especially since the economy in Cyprus is in such a delicate balance and who knows what is going to happen over the next few months. However the past week has been super serious so please let me have my moment of superficial frivolity. And cast your eyes upon my swimwear picks for summer. And of course if your an expat reader who is based in a hot sunny wonderful country, you will find this a lot more relevant than most!

It seems I have a print preoccupation or something....




Ted Baker

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