Monday, 18 March 2013

Places: The National Gallery

On my most recent trip to London, I managed to squeeze in a trip to The National Gallery. I realised it was one of the places in London that I hadnt visited. Ever! I know. I know. Bad Londoner.

But when you live somewhere your whole life, it's so easy to overlook these things. I mean you know it whats out there, but daily life gets in the way and you never actually get time to stop and be a tourist in your own town. 


That has been rectified though. With 3 lovely and relaxing hours, spent wandering the multitude of galleries on offer. The galleries are split into time periods, and after three hours I had barely touched the surface. You could easily spend a whole day inside this beautiful building; which makes the gorgeous restaurant pretty useful!

My first stop was the 18th - early 20th Century paintings, because you cant go to The National Gallery and not see Van Gogh's Sunflowers. And along with that were some fantastic Turner and Monet Paintings. (Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the gallery so you will just have to go visit to see this for yourself).

My real favourite paintings were found in the 16th Century galleries where the Renaissance came alive. It's these paintings that I really find fascinating; for their technique, their texture, their content, the depth and the sheer amount of detail.

So, your next visit to London should without a doubt include a trip to The National Gallery; filled to the brim with wonderful paintings, this is definitely a must for art lovers. 

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