Friday, 9 November 2012

The rain caught up with me... and the powers cut

..... and all I can hear are big, puffy water drops splattering on my window. Maybe winter has officially found us. 

And today we had a surprise power cut. Yipppeeee. I hope we are not going back to the days of regular power cuts; that was not amusing. But since Cyprus still hasn't rebuilt its power station, this is always a possibility.

While I contemplate living without power, I will try and drown out (no pun intended) the sound of the raindrops with some calming sounds.


  1. oh power cuts are never that fun. But maybe you could make it all cozy with candles a fire if you have a fireplace, hot chocolate act.

    1. I wish I had a fireplace!! Hot chocolate and a fire would be perfect. Its pretty cold at night here but daytime is still 28 degrees. Kinda strange. :)


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