Wednesday, 7 November 2012

2 years: the pictures

After my 2 year post the other day, I got to reminiscing about our time here. It easy to forget how much we have done and accomplished in this time and I love looking back at our photographs.

Since 2 years is no 2 weeks, we have built up quite a collection of photographic evidence of our time here. From the places we have visited, the views, the sun rises and sets, the friends, the food and of course the pooch. 

Warning: what follows is mostly visual - words will stop here (minus the captions).

on our way to a new life

priorities = bed + mattress
time to make an ikea bed

granny was happy to have her favourite grandson back

shopping in Cyprus for the first time is a bit confusing

goats head anyone?

market time

kebab and sunshine for our first christmas day in Cyprus

men make fire! and smoke....

and thats just half the table

we got a dog!

I found my love for watermelon

our first summer and our first 40 degrees

we feel in love with Latchi

for the views alone

the dog finally got over her car sickness

the dog went swimming for the first time....she didnt like it.

we went mushroom picking in the mountains

and I fell in love with the tall trees

Harry fulfilled his dream of opening a graff store

and our lives became filled with paint

our second christmas and a proper christmas tree and decorations!

millies first christmas

a trip to England and of course it snows

we moved into a new apartment

Harry learnt about the importance of kebabs

Millie almost got a new friend

some beautiful skies have been witnessed from the new balcony

a beautiful wedding

our second trip to Latchi

I love that pool and the view

visitors! Sharon and Herman


and a best friends wedding


  1. we all waiting for that 'Harry&Mimi's cypriot wedding' photo..come on guys i want to eat pastichi...

    1. Hahaha I think you will have to keep waiting Spek!!


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