Monday, 26 November 2012

that feeling you get once a week...

...comes on a Sunday evening when you realise the weekend is all but over and another 5 days lay before you, all fresh, shiny and new. It can be daunting. 

But since I have a mere 22 days to tick off until I hop on a plane and head to London for christmas.....well that puts a whole different spin on things. 

In 22 days I can shop in H&M til my hearts content, I can pick up all those affordable beauty items im lusting after, I can visit my hairdresser and my favourite London food places. And more importantly I get to see long lost friends and family; savour their familiar faces and spend quality time catching up. Possibly the best christmas present of them all. 

In the meantime, I will be listening to this song on repeat. For 22 days. Until I land in London.

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  1. Its so exciting to cherish small things like that so much. Makes them more special I think when you can't do them all the time. I love H & M as well. I so miss London and cannot wait to visit again soon.


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