Monday, 26 November 2012

pizza pasta gelato *said with Italian accent*

The big 8 year anniversary occurred two weeks ago so it seems a good time to relive the amazing dinner I consumed. As usual there are no pictures of our food; and not because we were staring deeply into each others eyes all night. No. Because we both hoovered up our plates before my camera even had a chance to get out of its case. 

Tutto Il Giorno Romantica is a super stylish Italian restaurant, tucked down a sleepy residential street in central Nicosia - if you dont know the area and are trying to find it, good luck - with a gorgeous modern d├ęcor and a great menu.

The restaurant itself reminds me of something you would find in London; it has the clean white, luxurious feel going on with wonderful paintings and mood lighting. And the menu is compact; with just enough appetizers and mains to keep your mind ticking away but not so many you need four hours to make a decision. My pet hate is huge menus that have no substance and just seem to encompass every possible dish anyone could think of. No. We like short, concise and quality menus thank you very much. 

We took the Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan to share as a starter, which was probably a bad idea as it was so delicious we nearly had a battle of knives and forks on our hands over the last piece. For main I usually opt for something I would never or cannot cook myself and since I am lousy at risotto, it was saffron risotto with prawns for me. Which I can highly recommend. The boy had some fabulous pork with roasted potatos and green beans, which i obviously helped myself to; its a girlfriends right to eat off your boyfriends plate no? All that along with some amazing warm fresh bread meant dessert was a no no. But that gives me every excuse to go back! 

As for the service - it was flawless. There is one thing I hate more than bad food and thats bad service; especially when I am out and paying for the pleasure of dinner. But these guys were on top of their game when it came to service. And they make a mean mojito! 

If you are in Nicosia and you want Italian, I recommend this place for the atmosphere, food and great prices. Check out their website for the menu and directions!

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