Monday, 19 November 2012

I take responsibility seriously

When we got Millie (the pooch) I became besotted with her; I had never owned more than a bunny rabbit and goldfish in my entire life and was always somewhat scared of dogs. But as soon as I saw her, she found some emotion in me that made her stay by side all day. It was love at first sight and when we brought her home it was like having a third person in the apartment.

She has a personality that is in tune with my own - although she isnt as tidy - and displays her emotions as obviously as I do. 

Taking on a dog is a huge responsibility. One that I take very seriously. And with the amount of abadoned dogs that call the shelter their home, I think preventing more unwanted puppies is important, especially in Cyprus. 

This Friday Millie lost part of her womanhood. And judging by the expression on her face when we went to the vets to collect her, she wasn't happy about it. And the little pooch cry when we had to pick her up to put her in the car broke my heart. 

This weekend has mostly been spent on the sofa nursing the pooch. With a tiny row of stitches in her belly, she isn't allowed to run, jump, bounce, climb or generally get excited. But since she is half jack russell, most of these things come tuned into her brain. So far so good. She has spent the weekend on the sofa, being stroked and cuddled and doesnt seem to have any discomfort anymore. 

Although she wont talk to me. 

I'm sure we will be back to play time in no time. 


  1. Aww the look on her face in these pictures are heartbreaking. I'm glad that she has such a thoughtful person looking out for her though, she's in good hands xoxox

    1. I know. She has the perfect puppy dog eyes the melt your heart. :(

  2. Oh I never had any dog too as I am much afraid of them. But my one of my friend showed me his puppy , they were cute. I cuddled with them. it was so lovely :)

    1. I am so glad we got her. She has been life changing - I would totally recommend anyone taking a dog. Its a great way to relax too.


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