Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday tea and self diagnosis

Today I will mostly be drinking tea and lying on the sofa with a pooch who insists on being as hyperactive as possible now that she is "over" her ordeal of having her womenhood removed. Apparently this means she will bouncing on the sofa and licking my ears until she tires herself out. Oh to be a dog. So easily amused and so content.

I have diagnosed myself with the beginnings of a sickness; that pesky little lump when you swallow and sick feeling is making itself right at home in my throat so it seems like the perfect excuse to not remove my sweat pants and hoodie all day, have a bath with an extreme amount of bubbles, put fresh pyjamas on and read in style.

And maybe try out my new blender and make butternut squash and carrot soup. And maybe chocolate brownies.... well it wouldn't be a weekend without fun food!

So let go and take some time to relax. Embrace the laziness of a wintry (well if your anywhere except Cyprus) afternoon and snooze to your hearts content.

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  1. Right! Saturday should always be so cozy and calm. Please share some brownies with us too :3 hehe



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