Tuesday, 17 April 2012

we are young

It's Tuesday morning and I have time off work so it means an extension of the lazy easter weekend. Over the weekend, many a conversation drew upon age and this song really epitomizes everything. We are young, yet we have accomplished so much. This isn't some self idolizing post, simply a reflection about our achievements which I still sometimes neglect to put into context. Moving to a different country, we have established and nurtured our lives here. We have jobs, a wonderful lifestyle, friends, a beautiful four legged addition to our household and most importantly we are happy. And while there are many things still to do, we are so young (although birthdays are just around the corner) so there is no hurry to grow up and be too serious just yet is there. Everyone is always in a rush to do things, get here, get there achieve this. But maybe we should just stop and smell the roses. Or the blossom. There is this wonderful smell in the air, the smell of spring, blossom and sunshine all mixed up in a cocktail that makes me want to smile.

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