Sunday, 1 April 2012

oh the drama

Moving was a particularly dramatic event, one which was hindered even further by the fact that I was immensely sick and exhausted, so packing boxes of plates was not particularly what i had in mind. That will teach us for viewing, signing contracts, paying deposits and setting a moving date of just a week later, wont it. And at 11 pm on a Friday night, the day before your meant to move in, im sure its not good to loose the only set of keys down the elevator shaft. Hilarious it may send, in real life there was no silver lining. Especially since most of our belongings were in the new apartment already, meaning we spent a very empty and cold last night in our old apartment. Oh the joys of moving. 

Needless to say im glad that bit is over. While we are still trying to unpack, all the essentials are done. You know, clothes, kitchen items and shower gel and towels etc. The remaining items are what I call miscellaneous; not sure where to go and whether we should actually just cast them aside to the trash.....

And after a wonderful Ikea trip yesterday morning, I found suitable throws and cushions to cover the white sofas which are in the new place; an urgent matter since white sofas are not conducive to having a four legged friend! 

While the whole apartment isn't photograph ready, you get the gist from the highlights.

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