Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Once upon a time I thought tv was one of life's necessities. Sky plus were permanently recording one of the many channels and after work, gym or uni, the first thought on returning on home was turning on the tv. 

Fast forward and since moving to Cyprus a year and half ago, we have not owned a tv or had regular access to one. And surprisingly we adapted. I guess the excitement of being in a totally new environment, coupled with the pursuit of an apartment and jobs preoccupied us somewhat. And the fact that I didn't totally understand Greek was a factor. 

It's amazing how you adapt to your environment and almost take stock of what is important in life; electricity bills and rent took priority over material items for the first part of our residency on the sunshine island. 

However, this period of peaceful existence has come to end as we purchased our first tv together on Monday. A momentous occasion, one that was momentarily marred when the boyfriend temporarily lots the screws for the base which hold the tv up. Panic averted when I located them in the bottom of the box. Men are useless when it comes to finding things. 

So here I sit on a Wednesday night watching the champions league match with Apoel and Real Madrid. This is not what I had in mind when we signed up for a tv. Something tells me I will slowly loose all remote control privileges once the boyfriend gets settled in with his new gadget! 

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