Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easter the Cypriot way

Easter in Cyprus is kind of a big deal, probably more so than Christmas. Obviously it resolves around food, with the whole family having what I affectionately call the Easter feast. Seriously the amount of food that is laid down on the table is astonishing. And what's more astonishing is that there usually isn't much leftover. In a nutshell we ate, Souvla (chicken and lamb slow cooked on a Cypriot bbq) Koupepia, Salads, Potatos, Bread and homemade Tatziki. 

However, the whole chocolate easter egg thing isn't really huge here, in fact, to find an egg, you know the type you get in England (a big egg, several little chocolate bars), I had to hunt very extensively. Well to tell you the truth, the boyfriend was instructed to hunt so he did all the leg work really. 

And to end the day a nice long walk in the oasis of green calm we recently found, tucked away in the heart of the city. With grass, trees so tall they touch and block out the full force of the sun and the sounds of nature, it feels like we are anywhere but Cyprus. 

So until next year, heres my Easter Sunday visual diary, food preparation and all. And while I may be a pretty good cook, nothing compares to the skills of yaya and thea (granny and auntie). 


yes thats right, he is using a hair dryer on the  bbq!

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