Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013; you've been turbulent

*Long post alert*

The last day of 2013 has arrived. The previous 364 days of 2013 have literally passed at lightening speed and I am now sitting here, on a freezing cold, stormy Tuesday in Nicosia wondering how to sum up this year in words. I have achieved a lot, on this blog and in terms of my personal development (is this starting to sound like a CV?), but along the way there have been tears, goodbyes and sacrifices which have all compounded my original sentiments from the early days of 2013; don't worry because life is too short. 

I'm not superstitious at all but part of me feels that the pesky 13 at the end of the 2000 has been playing it's tricks all year. 

Life has continued at a speedy pace and it is only when I make my self stop and think, that I realise I have been an expat for yet another year. Everyday life in Cyprus has become just that; everyday. But living alone for more than half a year has brought into perspective, once again, some of the challenges of living in a foreign country, not to mention being alone, and far away from the trusty support system of family and friends back in London. If it wasn't for the boyfriends family and the amazing little bunch of girls I get to call friends here, I would have packed up and gone back to England a long time ago. 

The single biggest thing that living alone taught me though, is that I can do it. I can be independent and I can be on my own, handle the everyday things like changing a lightbulb, fixing the bed frame and killing cockroaches, all without the boyfriend. But it would sure be a lot easier with him.

Long distance relationships are always an uphill struggle to the finish line and I am not pretending they are easy. Being apart is one of the hardest things and there are many tear filled days when all you want is a hug from the one person who can't give it to you. And try doing long distance friendships alongside! Sometimes I think I have the patience of a saint (and I must be a little bit crazy). 

Aside from the challenges and inevitable tantrums that 2013 brought, I learnt a lot although it wasn't my language skills because my Greek is still far from perfect. I kicked it up a notch on the blog and I am super proud of my efforts, I entered some great expat writing competitions and was a guest writer for blogs and expat communities alike. Not to mention we had an amazing summer here! 

I don't know if I can tick all of my goals off of last years list.....  I definitely shopped less, sent more mail and became a better blogger. As for the worrying less, well that was intermittent and I absolutely did not see more. But you have to have some leftovers to drag into the new year with you. So for 2014, it's traveling, send even more mail and worry even less. 

Tonight we will be celebrating together. The only way I want to end 2013 and start 2014. 

*If you got this far I applaud you. And thank you*


  1. Happy New Year to you - enjoy your blog, we have a house in Cyprus and aiming to retire there at 55 - different to your lifestyle but it is a lovely country.

    1. Thank you very much Wendy! Happy New Year to you also.
      It is indeed a lovely country and so much for people to do whatever your age - where is you house?

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  3. It's been a pretty rocky year for me too. Breakups and being alone can be hard. Especially when you are in a country far away from your own! This is the year I'll be going on over to London and that's going to be different from Texas life. lol Anyways, 2014 will rock! This is our year!!!

    Steph xox

    1. Oh wow Stephanie what an adventure...your going to London to live or for holidays? Either way it is going to be fantastic. Indeed 2014 is going to be a whole lot better than 2013. I realised it is mind over matter and all the horrible things of 2013 can stay in the past and not bring a negative view to 2014. xx

  4. I totally agree wit the jinx of the 13. Ever since we arrived back in North America in May I have felt like the world is out to get us. Here's hoping that now that it has changed over to 14 luck will be back on our side.

    1. Oh I really hope stuff works out for you guys in 2014.
      There was definitely something in the air when it comes to bad luck and 2013


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