Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013

Its a new year (that old one went by pretty quick didn't it)!


And while I don't particularly believe in making new years resolutions -  especially not documenting on them in black and white - there are some things I'd like to "achieve" this year. I know I will probably look back at this in December 2013 and think "oh wow why did I ever formulate that list", but in the spirit of a fresh start....here it goes.

1. Learn Greek

After two years in Cyprus my Greek is less than perfect. I understand a lot and while reading food packaging and watching the news have taught me well, I cant help but think I should make more of an effort to actually master this language.

2. Shop Less (more meaningfully)

The lure of ASOS gets me every time. My basket piles high with so many items and it is always such a challenge to edit. This year, things will be different [maybe].

3. See more

There is a whole world out there to explore, but I kinda want to start closer to home. That means Europe. This one has probably come from reading so many wonderful blogs written by amazing ladies around the region. So my list looks something like this: Barcelona, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam.

4. Worry less, Live more

I worry. Not in a drama queen kind of way, but more in a sensible, practical kind of way. I have always been the "responsible" one who is older than her years shall we say. But this year I turn 25 (and no this isn't an early mid life crisis sort of resolution). I want to enjoy every second of this year, take advantage of every opportunity and worry less about the what if's, what could have been's.

If 2012 taught me anything it is that life is too short and we should enjoy it while it's here.

5. Be a better blogger

I want to be more organised with the blog and more organised with my posts! As someone who loves organisation and making lists for that matter, you would think this would be easy. Ah ha. You would be wrong. When it comes to the blog its always complete chaos. I like the element of blogging what is really in my mind at that time or what inspires me (thank you pinterest). But really, in 2013, I want a better schedule.

6. Send more mail

I love letters. There is something so personal about receiving mail in the letter box, with a hand written envelope that means someone really thought about you and took the time - not to send a quick email - but actually write a letter! So this year, I will send more little notes and letters, to let people know I still think about them.


  1. I love all of these... but I especially love See More and Send More Mail! I am also a traveler (though only in the US for now, seeing all 50 states before we move on to traveling abroad) and I am always all about seeing more, but I also like to send postcards every now and then. =]

    1. I know I just love getting little cards and letters in the post - im hoping if i send more il receive more. Definitely need to see more in 2013, there is so much of the world out there! Thank you for your sweet comment.

  2. Great list of goals. I should really sit down and get organized to write my own. Love the one about being more aware or your purchases.

    1. Oh I know - I end up with so much "stuff" and I dont even remember why I bought it in the first place. I was thinking to do a complete shopping ban, but in all honesty, I dont think I am strong enough. I look forward to reading your goals for 2013 sweetie!

  3. i love your blog design.. it's really cute!

    1. Thanks so much - its by the lovely Daryl at Unlost - http://blog.stayunlost.com/


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