Friday, 16 August 2013

the black hole AKA. 15th August

Where have I been hiding for the past *nearly* two days?

Yep there I am.....!

The 15th August is a public holiday in Cyprus (for reasons I don't know) and today my office was shut also.  So I have been in the above location, pretty consistently since Wednesday evening. These two days off coincide with mood being particularly low and most of my friends leaving the city. 

All the above have given me the perfect excuse to be lazy in my bed, with the air con on, hibernating from the 40 degrees outside. This should have been the perfect blogging opportunity right? But you know when you get a bit miserable all you want to do is watch sex and the city and eat ice cream and not force you fingers to tap jolly sentences into blogger? Well that was me. 

Yep 40 degrees is great for a week at the beach. For a month in the city......try it and come back to me. 

We will be back on track from now on (I have food to talk about later). 


  1. ahh I had one of those days last week. It was a hot chocolate and sex and the city marathon day. Nothing better then that when you need some cheering up.

  2. I know!!! The powers of Carrie Bradshaw huh.
    I think those days are especially hard to drag yourself out of when your alone.


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