Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Rush hour, in Nicosia, in August. The only photograph I could use to demonstrate my point.

I am pretty organised. 
I make lists. 
I make more lists. 
I have see through plastic envelopes for documents; house and bills, health and personal.
I am generally a proactive person.
I am motivated. 

I am still finding out about the challenges of living alone, and mostly they are involving that last one...motivation. When your alone, there is no one there to kick you out of bed to make the coffee, or bounce ideas off of for the blog. The motivation to even put washing on all but flies out the window some days because it's just me and why bother. I can wear something else and it can wait. 

I have never had this feeling before. And it's a little unsettling because it is so not in my character to be like this. I would never spend all morning in bed and now I spend the best part of the day (although I also blame the August heat for that one - I want air con and nothing but air con). 

It is strange for me that I am still finding out things about my personality; I have always been so independent but I am slowly realising that independence thrives on relationships. Having strong relationships makes me feel a little more secure in myself and more secure in my situation. The support of these relationships makes me realise, that I can live on my own, in a different country and despite some shaky days, survive. 


  1. Now I know why Agia Napa and Protaras are so busy! I'm looking forward to September, entertaining too small kids is not so much fun in this heat!

    1. Oh yes, those areas are where all the Nicosia people flea too in August.
      It hasnt been as hot here in Nicosia this summer, but I am getting bored of the heat...I want to wear jumpers!! :)

  2. I can relate to this post. Jason goes away for work and is only back one week out of the month. Its crazy how lazy I get when he is not home.

    1. Its really tough being alone. I am so motivated usually but I really noticed a dip since the boyfriend left.
      Thank goodness i have the pooch otherwise there would be days where leaving the house never happens. xx


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