Monday, 26 August 2013

food: aubergine

I have a little obsession with aubergines at the moment and I have no idea why. But they are super cheap at the moment so my fridge is positively bursting with them. Aside from grilling them I was a little clueless about the possibilities of an aubergine so obviously I headed to pinterest for inspiration. 

Et Voila. Oven baked, breadcrumb and parmesan aubergines. 

A great veggie main dish or perfect on the side with salad and some grilled chicken ( I tried both options and was equally happy), obviously I had to play with the recipe a little to make it more suitable for the contents of my kitchen, so instead of Parmesan I used Halloumi; well you have a to give a little nod to your climate when your an expat right. 

The whole process is super easy. And fresh from the oven, it's a wonder they even made it to my plate. I have to say, the leftovers the next day were not as yummy; aubergines seem to go a bit soggy overnight so these are definitely best eaten asap. 

If you looking for recipe ideas, Reeni has some great ideas on her blog.  And if anyone has other ideas for aubergines, please dont be shy; I have a fridge of them in need of some inspiration. 

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