Friday, 2 August 2013

Coral Neon

It's been a while since I talked about my nails, though don't be fooled into thinking my addiction to nail varnish has subsided. I think I should start looking for support groups, nail painters anonymous or something. 

I change the colour of my nails more than I care to admit; I am not sure if it's because I get bored of a colour quickly, or because I find the act of nail painting somewhat therapeutic. 

Todays pick is Coral Neon by Leciel. The Leciel stand is like a rainbow with every colour imaginable which makes it a little hard to actually pick one. 

But this colour (originally found on the feet of a friend) is the perfect, I-have-a-nice-golden-glow-tan shade that epitomizes summer. It is a lot brighter than in the bottle too. 

I think I am running out of colours to experiment with so any suggestions for great tan enhancing shades would be greatly appreciated. 


  1. Hi. I recently bought this brand but in 'bon bon'. I bought while on holiday in cyprus. But i live in uk. Do u know where i could get more. Xx

    1. to be honest I haven't seen it in the UK. It is a great little brand stocked in Cyprus but not sure where to track it down in the UK. You could try googling stockists. Sorry I couldn't be more help :(


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