Saturday, 31 August 2013

expat issues: skin savour

Honestly, I thought I was a bit more of a pro when it came to summer in Cyprus. 

It is my third summer here as an expat and I came many times before on holiday, so I thought I knew how to handle a day at the beach. Turns out the Cyprus sun can still get the better of me sometimes. Especially at the beach, it is so easy to forget how intense the sun is. And when your in and out of the water and that little cool breeze drifts along the coast and hits your sun lounger you could be fooled for thinking that sunburn is not a possibility. 

You would be wrong. This is exactly what happened today and now I am sitting here tapping away with a burnt nose and a nice bikini line around my neck. Silly, silly me! 

After testing a variety of products, I found the most effective item to battle the sunburn with is actually Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking body lotion.  It says:

"Vaseline Moisture Locking Body Lotion accelerates dry skins ability to repair itself by instantly increasing skins moisture reserves and locking in that moisture all day." 

And sunburnt skin needs a lot of moisture to get it back to its former glory, or at least encourage a golden glow to come out of the redness. Every time I put this stuff on it feels like my skin has a fresh layer; it's lack of fragrance means it will not irritate skin and it really brings relief for the tightness that comes along with sunburn. 

I always pop mine in the fridge before a sun session, so it not only moisturises but cools skin as you apply. Plus it's your standard moisturiser so it's not expensive. 

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