Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Souvlaki Bar - Themistokli Dervi Ave, Nicosia

Souvlaki Bar in Nicosia is one of my favourite places to eat.

The food is great, portions are generous and the prices are pocket friendly; a big sticking point now that Cyprus is feeling the squeeze.

Now for all you people that are thinking what is s-o-u-v-l-a-k-i lets have a little lesson in Greek food.

Souvlaki (or Souvlakia) is a Cypriot kebab. Usually it's cubes of pork, or sometimes chicken, cooked on charcoals on a rotating barbeque. The meat is served in a large pitta with a salad that most commonly includes cabbage, tomato, cucumber and onion. A traditional Cypriot kebab also comes as a "mix" which includes souvlaki and sheftalia (a Cypriot sausage/meatball type thing).

And then there is gyros; a more fatty, moist kebab, with pork or chicken cooked on a vertical spit.
Oh the possibilities are endless. 

So back to Souvlaki Bar - this place offers a modern take on the whole kebab experience. It has a great outside area, does the whole industrial/rustic furnishing thing and serves up everything in great style; check out the chips served in a big silver scooper. 

And of course I can recommend some of the bits and pieces they have on their generous menu; the chips with feta and oregano are seriously yummy, the chicken without the bone has great flavour and is super moist and the Souvlaki Bar special salad (pictured above) is gyros, with lettuce, cucumber and tomato and a great creamy zesty dressing that I could eat with a spoon. So simple but oh so yummy!

If your in Nicosia and want a traditional kebab experience, in a modern environment, without the scary local old men shouting Greek at each other across white plastic tables (people in, expats or visitors to Cyprus will know exactly what I mean) .....go to Souvlaki Bar. 

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