Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I hate goodbyes

I hate saying good bye. Those two little words just make my bottom lip quiver at the mere thought of having to utter them. 

It is kind of strange that these two words have been thrust together, because usually, good byes are not; I meant they aren't good they are just bye. They usually mean loosing or missing someone - two feelings which I despise.

When we left London I had plenty of emotionally byes; one after the other as I said bye to family and then friends and work colleagues. I guess the thought of saying it and not knowing when you will see people again makes it a lot harder than when I say it in the morning to the boyfriend who I know I will see in approximately 8 hours. 

Tomorrow I have to say bye to the boyfriends mother and while most people couldn't wait to kick the [potential] mother-in-law out, for the past few days she has been my back up and my cooking teacher. 

Now the countdown til christmas can begin.


  1. Oh, my heart breaks for you, mainly because I can fully sympathize with you. I'm heading back to Cyprus in a few weeks and already loathing the parting but am ready to see my husband again. Hang in there!

  2. I hate goodbyes too!! At least you'll get to see her fairly soon!


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