Thursday, 16 August 2012


... is the amount of minutes it takes me to walk to work. From my apartment door, including time spent waiting for and using the lift, to the door of my office, is less than 10 minutes. But in the summer months in Cyprus, the temperature hits the big figures early in the day and it's not unusual to have boiling sunshine at 7.30am!

Cue the boyfriend driving me to work every morning to ensure that I arrive as sweat free as possible. But those ten minutes have already had an impact on my body since I stopped walking around a month ago.

Actually it wasn't until I mentioned to the boyfriend that I felt a bit more wobbly the past few weeks that he highlighted the lack of walking in my schedule. I'm not one to be overly concerned about a little bit of wobble here and there, but I find it fascinating the impact such a short amount of time can have. I meant it really says something about the benefits of small but regular doses of activity.

Now it may not be the only factor; I mean the sheer amount of ice cream I have been consuming must have played it's part too. But who can say no to ice cream, especially when it's so hot and humid.

Rather than deprive myself of lifes little luxuries or give up my sweat free car rides, I am going to adopt my usual attitude in these situations and just not care because life is too short.

Ice cream anyone?


  1. You said it.. life is too short. I'll have a scoop :)

  2. I noticed a big change in myself over the summer as well. It got too hot for me to walk to the market like I used to or even meet friends for coffee. My body is still mad at me for the lack of use.


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