Monday, 13 August 2012

What to wear for sports?

The only thing I like about sport is the clothing. I mean, when I went to the gym in London (where gyms are more private and professional unlike Cyprus where they are on main roads with huge glass windows so everyone can see you sweating) I think I was more interested in the clothing than the calorie burning activities. 

I got kind of addicted to the routine of the gym and even had that euphoric feeling after working out that makes you feel all buzzy and alive. But still the clothing rules all. 

I don't frequent the gym here in Cyprus and we don't have an H&M for that matter, but I still find myself lusting after their new sportswear range. My favourite affordable fashion powerhouse can do now wrong.

I particularly like the mixture of fashion and functionality, technology and aesthetic and the hot neon colours. I don't think it's enough to persuade me to kick-start a new fitness regime though.

You can view the whole collection and purchase online at

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