Sunday, 12 August 2012

it was meant to be

Sales drive me crazy. As someone who has organisation in their blood and who constantly rearranges the pillows on the bed so they look presentable, the sale rails of a any number of high street stores just stress me out. Firstly battling with other women on a small overcrowded rail is not my idea of fun. Secondly battling with hangers that somehow attach themselves to each other a result in a mess of garment and hanger is like a mental mind game for me which I have no patience for.

But I love a bargain so you see my predicament? Either I have to take deep breaths and brave the mess or head straight for the non sales items, all sitting perfectly on their hangers and in tidy areas? 

Yesterday, after a morning of lounging at the pool [oh it is a hard life I know - note: its a public pool, we don't have our very own unfortunately] we headed to the mall. Usually this would be a death wish on a Saturday, but it's August, which means the whole of Nicosia ups and leaves for the coast, namely Protoras. Leaving the city calmer and quieter, it's the best time to be here. 

The boyfriend gets kind of stressed at the mall due to the amount of people so I was given approximately 15 minutes to venture into Mango. Taking into account previously mentionned terror when it comes to sale, I was suprised at the organised nature of their sale and headed straight in. 

Sitting there amongst dresses and t shirts, on its hanger perfectly, without any distress was a gorgeous black chiffon skirt, with pleat detail at the front and a cross over style. It has pockets, a feature which I go crazy for in skirts and dress actually. And it was my size and on sale. 
Surely it was fate. At least that was my excuse for the purchase. But at €12 it would have been rude to leave it there. 

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