Wednesday, 8 August 2012

When I grow up I want a library

I have a thing about books. No matter how much technology develops  with these whole read a book on your tablet kinda thing, I will still be the one buying books off amazon and stealing them from the boyfriends mum (well she has an unhealthy obsession with buying books). 

There is something about actually holding a book in your hands that makes reading a better. Growing up my parents always made me read to better develop my vocabulary or whatever they tell you at school. But when I actually discovered the variety of books out there I think thats when my passion for reading and consequently writing took hold. And at university, I loved sitting in the library with a huge pile of fashion theory books piled high around me.

So it's only natural to want a library in my house no? Or is it high maintenance and extravagant. I dont want a huge library. Maybe more like a book cupboard. Or wall actually. A huge vast wall of books all lined up on white shelves, organised by subject matter; I mean whats a library without organisation. And lets face it, if your going to have a library (or book wall) you might as well do it properly. I think something like this would fit perfectly with my vision. 



  1. Um, that bookshelf/wall of books looks AMAZING! I am right there with you, with reading actual books but I do donate the ones that aren't my favorites to Goodwill because books are so heavy to move with me everytime I change locations.

    Hi, I'm shannon, by the way! I made me way over from BBN :)

  2. Oh I feel the exact same way about books and having a home library. Books say so much about a home and the people who live there. This is so weird, I posted a picture of a library too today!

  3. I love this!!! It is so funny because I wrote a post about wanting a library too! I love books soooo much!

  4. I've always, always wanted a library in the house that I grow up in. Like, really a library on the scale of Professor Higgin's library in "My Fair Lady," if you've seen that movie. For now I do have one room I call the library--I have four rather small bookshelves, pretty much one on each wall. Others might call it a living room, but I call it a library. Maybe someday I'll have a more legit one, but you have to start somewhere!

  5. I have always had bookshelves filed...with biographies, fiction, art books, design books etc!

    Love to read...I do love the Kindle my children gave me as well though!

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  6. I love the idea of having a library in my house. Its the only room I know exactly how I would want it to look in my future house. I have tons of pictures I'm collecting on pinterest as well.
    I will always be the person renting books from the library , I love the smell and the feel of them.


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