Sunday, 5 August 2012

Team GB

I was totally anti-Olympics before the whole event begun. This stance was due to many factors such as the sheer amount of stress and strain it was going to put on everyday Londoners and for many negative things such as this.

But from the moment my eyes were locked on the opening ceremony, I was hooked. Whoever coordinated that should get their own gold medal in my opinion and ok at some point I got a little confused about what was going on, overall the concept was pretty nice. I mean, the queen jumping out of a helicopter with Daniel Craig just epitomises the British humour no? (or it demonstrates how silly we are, I am not quite sure). 


I think watching the cycling road race thingy (I am not so hot on the actual event names - funnily enough I am not familiar with sport in general so please forgive me) hosted in my old home town, watching them race round the areas we used to live and work sort of made it more real. Its odd when you see things you know so well on the TV, especially from another country.

And then the medals started coming. I think I have England loosing in football or tennis so permeated in my brain that for England to win things is kind of exciting. And with 34 medals, and third place overall in the medals table, I think the athletes are doing a pretty good job on home soil. 

So I will take a nice dose of humble pie and admit that I have Olympics fever. I even reach for my union jack handled spoons before any of the plain boring ones, which is obviously the indicator of my sheer commitment to team GB!

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