Sunday, 9 September 2012

B is for blog silence

Blog silence; kind of reminds me of the white and black fuzz you get on the TV when its not working. I'm not really sure what happened in August, but somewhere along the way a kind of fuzz entered my brain and now it seems to be leaving. 

Whether it was visitors, work, or the general mid year/mid summer blimp, something made me temporarily fall out of love with my blog. The temperatures have been relentless and my mood has been this hazy, lack lustre, sweaty mess for what feels like years but in actual fact it's weeks. 

When I am feeling like that, I think it's better to take a step back and re-focus your thoughts. I think the summer season taken the life out of me and while I am a sun worshipper, the heat has just knocked my senses and my focus has been lost. 

So it is great timing then that I have my first proper visitor arriving on Friday. We lived together through our university years and she is the welcome break that I need. Which means no work for a week. And a quiet little luxury villa nestled on the side of hill overlooking the teeny tiny fishing town of Latchi awaits us. I am going to read books, drink mojitos and eat bbq'd chicken until im stress free.What more could a girl want. And by the time I am back, fingers crossed I will have found my blogging buzz.


  1. I hope you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy it! And I hope to read from you again soon! :))

  2. I love your blog and I share these exact sentiments! Luckily I'm going home for a much needed break and hope to get my 'blogger buzz' back as well :) Newest jealous follower from the rainier side of Europe ;) X


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