Monday, 6 August 2012

chocolate pasta

I am pretty open minded when it comes to food; I will at least try most things (except, eyeballs, livers etc.) but when a friend at work told me about a little place in down-town Nicosia that did chocolate raviolis I was a little confused. Chocolate and pasta. Really? 

When your faced with such a perplexing combination of food what else is there to do but go and try. And thats exactly what we did on Thursday after work - group girls trip to eat chocolate deserts. And the fact that I have no photographic evidence of it tells you something. I was so busy enjoying the amazing-ness of it all that our plates were empty before I even contemplated taking my camera out. 

I had to share the whole event nonetheless. If you ever get the chance to try chocolate! 


  1. The grandma of a friend of mine is from Croatia and she always made pasta with brown sugar and peaches. :)

  2. hello can you please tell me the name of this place or where can I find it ? thank you so much


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